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The Morley Sessions

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

The last two days have seen Angie and I recording in Clapham! We have recorded Morley's Twelve Canzonets for Two Voices which are rarely heard on disc. In fact, two of the songs ('Sweet nymph come to thy lover' and 'Go ye my canzonets') are included quite often in compilations of madrigals and songs of the period, but the remainder are largely unknown...we are aiming to change that! We are hoping ours will be a fresh, colourful and creative interpretation, led by the charming poetry. We were happy to collaborate with Sam Brown who has contributed a couple of lute pieces by Dowland and Byrd, and with Harry Buckoke who has played tenor viol in four of the canzonets.

Additionally in these sessions we recorded our brand new lute song 'On Monsieur's Departure' under the watchful eye of it's composer Fraser Wilson! This is a setting of a poem written by Elizabeth 1, written for our voices with lute. Check out our video interview with Fraser Wilson here:

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