We're raising money to help create our first album! The Covid-19 pandemic has meant usual sources of income for our ensemble have vanished, so fundraising for this next stage has become vital!


We know our followers would like to have music to download and take home after concerts, so now it's down to making that happen. The album will be an intimate collection of renaissance and baroque repertoire with a splash of folk - the sounds Fair Oriana are known for! It will be released in 4 EPs, each on a different theme: Happiness, Intrigue, Passion and Loss.


Each EP will be accompanied by a beautiful original painting by artist Gillian Barrett (available to download digitally with programme notes). The music will be delicate, intricate and evocative, ranging from the two voices alone, to guitar accompanied folk, to lute songs and theatrical baroque pieces with theorbo accompaniments.


The album will feature brand new commissions by composers Fraser Wilson and Owain Park, and will capture the essence and unique character of Fair Oriana especially the trademark vocal blend of Angie and Penny. It will include music by Dowland, Morley, Byrd, Cornysh, Handel, Purcell and more, and will feature the talents of instrumentalists Sam Brown (Lute) Harry Buckoke (Viol) Alison Kinder (Recorder) Jonatan Bougt (Theorbo) Zands Duggan (Percussion) and Tom Gamble (Guitar).


All donations will be put towards such things as recording, editing, production, art work, commission fees, instrumentalist session fees and CD production.


We'd be so grateful for your help to make it happen! Thank you!

If you think you could help with a donation of any size, no matter how small, please donate via paypal on the home page, or if you'd prefer a different method, let us know via the contact form, also on the home page, or you can email fairorianaenquiries@gmail.com

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