Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of our debut album TWO VOICES are available to download now!

Find Volume 3 (and links to the others) here: https://orcd.co/bvd4yxv

TWO VOICES is a unique, intimate and beautiful collection of chamber music from renaissance to baroque, with splashes of folk, medieval and contemporary influence along the way! It celebrates the two singers’ trademark “beautifully clear” sound and blend,and is divided into four volumes, each exploring a different sentiment: happiness, intrigue, passion and loss. 

At the core of the recording are Thomas Morley’s little known Twelve Canzonets to Two Voices (1595) a series of charming acapella duets. These weave through the four volumes and are interspersed with other varied and complimentary chamber music. For this album four of these Morley canzonets feature viol in place of a tenor voice - instruments taking vocal lines being a common practice at the time.

Rooted in their passion for, and specialism in, early music, TWO VOICES  is packed with music from their current concert programmes The Trials & Triumphs of Oriana, Silver Baroque and A Noble Thief: The Legend of Robin Hood, as well as music chosen specially for this project. Fair Oriana’s programmes tend to combine the ancient with the brand new, and their debut album is no exception, with commissions from contemporary composers Fraser Wilson and Owain Park.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Fair Oriana's usual sources of income have disappeared, so fundraising is now essential.  Can you help? All donations, of any size, would make a big difference, and will be put towards such things as editing, production, art work, commission fees, instrumentalist session fees and CD production.

If you think you could help by donating, please click Donate on the home page, or if you'd prefer a different method, let us know via the contact form (also on the home page) or email fairorianaenquiries@gmail.com


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