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Silver Linings #4

One of us has to be moving house at any one time, it’s the unwritten (until now) rule of being in Fair Oriana. It’s my turn next, although, because of this pandemic, plans are very much up in the air. I’ve decided that I would like to live near the water, wherever that may end up being… I find that it’s a bit unsettling not knowing, but also very exciting that a whole new host of possibilities are about to open up! Watch this space! Having spent the last 10 weeks at my family home, I have had the luxury of being in the same place for an extended period of time. I have really felt for the first time in ages, that I am rooted. Becoming part of family life also means that I’ve had lots of time to spend with the family mascots, Tess the fifteen-year-old West-highland Terrier, and Folly the (almost) cocker spaniel (suspected part-orangutan). Folly and I go for lots of beautiful walks around the countryside, and Tess joins when she’s feeling sprightly enough. She forgets that she is an old lady when she does go out, and runs around like a daft thing! They are so sweet and entertaining, and have made lock down life a joyful experience! Here they are, helping me with some paper shredding admin, asking for walks, being goofy and being adorably sleepy.

And now, back to London to move out, as my tenancy is coming to a close. Wish me luck!

Angie x

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