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Silver Linings #2

In which Angela Hicks chats about some of her silver linings to life in Lockdown and introduces us to the word “pronking”...

“It has been remarkable to me how many people are turning to mother nature for comfort and inspiration in these strange times. I feel very lucky in where I’m staying, at my parents house in Lancashire. Here, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, there are flowers and new grass. The fields around us are filled with pronking lambs and young cows, enjoying themselves in the sunshine. I walk Folly the dog every day (in mismatched wellies, which bring me such joy!) and I am astounded that the place I grew up in is so beautiful and varied. It’s perhaps something I didn’t notice when I was a child, and haven’t had the opportunity until now to take the the time to truly appreciate the landscape. Each evening, when the sun is setting, I think that the view out of the back of our house is like a Turner painting. It’s hard not to feel content, surrounded by such simple beauty.”

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