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Silver linings #1

In order to share some positivity amidst the lockdown chaos, we’ve decided to start a series of blog posts about the #silverlinings to be found during a slower pace of life.

Penny’s going first...

Penny: OK so we’re not currently dashing around from venue to venue, and we can’t sing together, which we hate. But there are usually positives to be seen in a situation, and we should stop and be grateful for the little things! One of my favourite things to do to unwind is walk and explore in the countryside, quite often by myself as it’s a wonderful time to think and notice things. Here’s a selfie out on my walk this evening. The spring evenings are beautiful, the light is golden and the birdsong more enthusiastic than ever. That’s got to be a plus! I’ve got a real thing about hedgerows (anyone else a fan of the brambley hedge books?!) so take a lot of photos of those. I do love attempting a bit of nature photography so there’s a snap of a little coaltit I got the other day. If I had one I’d definitely take a dog walking with me! But sadly as a singer, lockdown aside, I just wouldn’t be around enough to look after one...a constant source of annoyance to me, and like-wise to Angie I think! We’ve joked about getting a joint dog (ginger and called Bessie, after our namesake Elizabeth 1, naturally.) I’ve taken to listening to an audio book on my walks as a way of zoning out, and this one by Kate Humble is perfect as it’s about walking! One of my favourite bits so far has been about the difference between solitude and loneliness, and how the former is viewed as positive and the latter negative. Particularly at this time we need to focus on the first one I think! More soon!

Stay safe.

Penny x

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