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Review for Aminta e Fillide

We had a wonderful time performing Handel's Aminta e Fillide at St Geroge's Hanover Square at the end of last month. This was our first time performing with baroque gesture and in period costume, and we were delighted to be collaborating with the fantastic Opera Settecento, directed by Leo Duarte. They gave a wonderful performance of instrumental music in the first half and the cantata was in the second. We had created an Arcadian look in the church using foliage from the National Theatre props department and it gave just the right hint of a set. We really enjoyed using baroque gesture and were determined to integrate it naturally, and it not look jarring, which it can if not very careful! Director Brian Robins was clear that he felt the gesture should come from the emotion of the singer and not just be added on as an afterthought, and we tried to do just this. We hope it was the first step on the road to bringing this type of performance back into the public eye.

We are grateful to the London Handel Friends for supporting the performance, and for all their positive feedback. Massive thanks must also go to coaches Matteo Dalle Fratte (Italian) and Ian Caddy (baroque gesture.)

Here is a review from Andrew Benson Wilson, who kindly described us as "the undoubted stars of the evening!"

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