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Return to Wien Konzerthaus

In January we gave our second performance in the Mozartsaal of the wonderful Wien Konzerthaus - one of our favourite venues in the world. This time we were there with Leo Duarte and his ensemble Opera Settecento giving a performance of Handel's Aminta e Fillide, which we performed for the first time in London, 2019. The performance is the brainchild of opera critic and baroque opera specialist Brian Robins ( This is a challenging Italian pastoral cantata which we absolutely love... just us two singers both on stage for nearly an hour, in baroque costumes and using baroque gesture, the tricky arias coming one after the other in rapid fire! It is a multi-tasking feat! It was a real treat to be asked here again and to see our friends at the Konzethaus who give such a warm welcome, and to get back into the swing of baroque gesture which we really enjoy. We had a few days of chilly rehearsals in London before we left, culminating in an open rehearsal which was attended by our great friend and mentor Emma Kirkby. This gave us the confidence we needed and the performance was a real success, and so enjoyable. We're so grateful Covid stayed away and allowed the whole team to get there and back, perform, and that there was still a good number in the audience!

"Light, natural voices...with such precision one can get goosebumps!" - Clara Schmidt

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