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Radio Interview

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of recording an interview on Women's Radio Station with Stefania Passamonte, as part of her series the Future Classic Women Awards, in which she chats with upcoming female musicians. Given the current pandemic this was conducted, rather unusually, over Skype! How lucky that we're able to use that as an alternative!

We really enjoyed it, even though we were a bit nervous, and got to reminisce about some of the wonderful/challenging/satisfying (and sometimes hilarious) experiences we've already shared singing as a duo. The whole show lasted an hour and four of our tracks were played, three of which have never been heard before! So we're excited to share these with you when the show becomes available to hear next week - we'll let you know! The tracks were 'Go ye my canzonets', 'Leave now, mine eyes' (both from Thomas Morley's Twleve canzonets to two voices) 'Paratum cor meum deus' by John Blow, and 'On Monsieur's Departure' by Fraser Wilson.

In the mean time, however, here is a link to the radio station so you can check out the great work they do:

Stay safe everyone!

Penny and Angie x

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