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Lute songs & the new album!

One thing we're both really passionate about is singing lute songs!

If you've seen our programme 'The Trials & Triumphs of Oriana' you'll know this to be true! We're lucky to have learned the craft from some of the wonderful people who brought it to life in the early music revival a few decades ago, and we're very fortunate to still learn from them in person now.

Our album 'Two Voices' will feature certain lute songs including Dowland's beautiful 'Oh Sweet Woods' (which actually features in our Robin Hood themed programme) and 'Oh Mistress Mine' by Byrd (Or is it Morley?...Discuss!!!) Our Oriana programme even features a contemporary lute song 'On Monsieur's Departure' by composer Fraser Wilson. Throwing a dash of the contemporary in the mix has become a bit of a trademark for us and we're so excited to share what we have in store on the album! Spoiler alert: there's a tambourine!

'Two Voices' will be a unique and exciting mix of Renaissance and Baroque repertoire, with our signature splashes of folk, medieval and contemporary! We are releasing it in 4 EP installments, and we hope Volume 1 'Happiness' will be available this winter! Keep a look out!

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Pictured with Sam Brown

Photo credit: Ben Mckee Photography

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