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Getting going with Aminta e Fillide!

We recently spent a couple of days in leafy Wiltshire beginning our rehearsals for our production of Handel's rarely performed Aminta e Fillide which we'll be starting in the Autumn. This is something a but different for us both, never having worn period costume before! This charming cantata is for two sopranos so is an intimate work, and perfect for the chamber music context we love so much. For the production we've been really inspired by the pastoral oil paintings of the era, and are aiming to use these ideas as part of our set; beautiful tableaux, expression, gesture and even possibly using foliage and fruit trees etc.

The cantata is about Aminta's pursuit of Fillide... Throughout the story the two characters come tantalisingly close but, true to the style, never actually touch. Interestingly also, the two voices only ever come together once, right at the end. This makes all the impact as a result of being built up to! We've been working closely with researcher and historian Brian Robins who is a specialist in baroque opera. The production was his vision at the outset, and working with him we hope to bring the use of baroque gesture back into the public eye and prove that it is still relevant for modern audiences, and not purely as a gimmick. We will be collaborating with the instrumentalists of Opera Settecento, directed by Leo Duarte, and are really looking forward to working together towards our first performance, on 28th November at St George's Hannover Square - more details to follow!

We're seeking funding to help us get this production off the ground so that we can repeat the performance in other wonderful venues and festivals. If you think you might be able to help or know of someone/an organisation that might, please do get in touch via our contact page!

Penny and Angie

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