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Fair Oriana in Strasbourg

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

After an incredibly long and complicated journey full of very delayed train rides through Germany, we finally arrived at our destination in France and set up camp in a rented flat which was to be our home for the next few days. We had a wonderful time performing our programme 'A Noble Thief: The Legend of Robin Hood' in a very cold and Christmassy Strasbourg on Friday and Saturday! We were hosted by the lovely organisers of AMIA Alsace and performed in two very different venues. On Friday it was the protestant church in Strasbourg centre - a lovely old stone building with a lovely acoustic to match, followed by a little theatre in Dambache on Saturday, which was a converted synagogue. For such an ancient location this was an amazing, well equipped venue, with a great dressing room that we fell in love with!

These were our first performances with actor Tim Vaughan, who really brought the ballads of Robin Hood to life. We look forward to developing the programme further with him in the future!

Look out for more performances of this programme soon.

"Wonderful, seductive concert at the Amia Alsace last night.

A miracle of delicacy, a ray of joy, by two delicious virtuous singers"

"Extraordinary concerts of Fair Oriana that sparked unanimous enthusiasm"

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