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Fair Oriana in lock down!

These are certainly strange times! With the outbreak of covid-19 we all find ourselves stuck at home for the vast majority of the time. It has been lovely to see the way the musical community as a whole has responded to this, especially in light of the fact that, as a group, freelance musicians face a particularly difficult financial time ahead! But a musician's love for their art is irrepressible and creativity comes out of crisis. Our friends and colleagues have been fighting back by providing the world with music online and fun behind the scenes content. Thank goodness we live in a time where that's an option!

We were sad to have our last concert cancelled, but Angie and I have been using this time to chip away at admin, talk to festivals, arrange future concert dates, plan programmes, hold conference calls with composers and collaborators, and laugh a lot over facetime! Oh and Angie also dyed her hair pink! Using new technology, which we're very grateful for, we have recorded some little videos to post out to you all on social media and we've been pleased to have reached so many. Thanks to all the new followers and likers this week! We're especially pleased to make new friends on other forums such as Facebook's very active 'early music group'. In these new 'Living Room Sessions' we're going to work our way through home some of the Morley Canzonets to Two Voices (which we've recently recorded propery.... News to follow on how and where that will be avalable to download!) and also send some different and cross-over stuff your way. So a real mix to keep us and you entertained! These can be found on our facebook page, twitter or instagram feed. (See the bottom of our website home page for instagram!)

We're excited to announce that a couple of the Morley tracks will be played on Women's Radio Station next week! Details of how you can tune in to follow soon!

For now, we wish you all the best. Remember to wash those hands!

Stay safe,

Penny x

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