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Donate on Soundcloud!

As you may know, some of our tracks are available to listen to on Soundcloud...

We've recently launched a donate button on our Soundcloud profile so if people feel they can, it's possible to donate to support Fair Oriana through this difficult financial time. Due to Covid-19 and the cancellation of all concerts we're now unable to raise funds towards our future projects. We want to be able to keep producing new music, but are having to ask for support so we can keep creating!

Any funds we raise will go towards recording, music videos and new commissions. We realise this is a low priority compared to keeping everyone safe and well in this current climate, but if any of our followers feel able to support in this way, however small, we'd be very grateful!

The other main way you can support us is by continuing to share and recommend our music and videos online!

Thank you so much!

Penny and Angie

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