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Album launch!

We had a wonderful time on 24th Sept performing our album launch concert at the VOCES8 Centre to a small live audience and a big online one! This was our first ever live streamed concert as an ensemble and it felt incredible to know we were being joined by people all over the world from Seattle to Australia!

We're so grateful to everyone who donated to our kickstarter campaign, which made this launch possible. It has enabled us to promote the album to a much wider audience than we would have been able to otherwise. It was a really fun evening celebrating the album, with most of the instrumentalists present. We performed several of the Morley canzonets, lots of other tracks from the album, and a few selected from our wider concert programmes. The concert was kicked off by actor Tim Vaughan (look out for guture collaborations!) who read the words of Thomas Morley from his preface to the Canzonets, which led into our musical journey through renaissance, folk, contemporary and baroque music including all the new commissions from the disc plus one extra.

Afterwards many bubbles were consumed :) Thanks to everyone who helped, donated and attended! Hope you're all enjoying the album!

Penny and Angie x

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